Portablism Gear RIAA Pre Amp
Turntables produce audio signals that are rather low thus requiring some high-level amplification from an amplifier. This is where the phono preamp comes in.

Before going in-depth with phono preamps, first, let us know what a preamp is?

A preamp is an electronic circuit that amplifies and boosts the weak electronic signal into the strong signal. Simply it amplifies weak signals.

Don’t confuse with preamp vs amp. An Amplifier just amplifies i.e. it increases the amplitude of the signal.

Let us know the definition of a phono preamp.

A phono preamp is basically an amplifier that accurately boosts the audio signal originating from your record player.

This device goes by many names such as RIAA preamps, phono stage and turntable preamp.

Before the signal from a phonograph can be sent to the speakers, it has to undergo a series of tuning stages.

This prepares it for further amplification before the final signal is channeled to the drivers. A phono preamp handles this pre-tuning, so it’s a very essential component in every turntable music player.

A turntable connected to a phono preamp will deliver an output level of 0.316 Volts. But without the preamp, a turntable will produce a source output level of 0.005 Volts or lower. This signal lacks the desired power and consequently generates a sound that is barely audible.

An internal phono preamp has a few advantages that make it attractive. For instance, it saves on space and power consumption. It’s designed to conveniently fit within a turntable, meaning that you don’t need to buy extra cable connectors.

Portable Turntables normally does not have an internal phono pre amp that is required for magnetic cartridges. This is the case when you want to use for example an Ortofon or Shure 44-7 Cartridge with an aftermarket tone arm.

If you want a good and rich sound, you should take care not to connect your expensive hardware to just any amplifier, but to an industry standard like a riaa phono pre amp.
(More info about RIAA equalization)

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