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SC500 Video User Guide

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How to power up a Numark PT01 or Vetsax Handytrax with a power bank.

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RIAA Equalizer preamplifier

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Go well with PortablismGear.

Welcome, we're really glad you're here! For now you can inform yourself in one go about everything that is important to you in Portablism. The live chat is the fastest way to get in touch with us . Here we go!
Our team is filled with scratch nerds without exception. Do you have questions about Numark PT01/PT01 Scratch, Reloop SPiN or Vestax Handytrax mods? Push the Chat button and contact us. Which mods are compatible with each other or which fit your needs, we'll quickly find that out together. 

What Portablism mods are actually available?

The predominantly first mod to install is the Start/Stop button mod. A PCB, all required cables and an arcade or aluminum button in the color of your choice are included in the scope of delivery. Depending on the kit or article selection, the installation takes place without soldering. This is a Plug & Play solution. A video installation Guide is provided on YouTube. Follow the instructions carefully to install this and other mods successfully.

The JDDPTA tone arm by Jesse Dean is also gaining in popularity thanks to its carbon look and straight design.
The unique feature of the QRM PT01, the tonearm from Bihari Designs, is that Headshells and Ortofon systems can be mounted directly. 
With this Tonarms your needle stays better on track and the sound improves too. The use of timecode vinyl of the well-known providers Serato and Traktor are also possible without problems.

The included switch of the Numark PT01 Scratch is unfortunately not known for great scratches and usability. Here, the mini Innofader pro is transforming your portable turntable into a scratch machine. This crossfader is also built into the Raiden RXI Fader Family and is one of the market leaders in the portable Crossfader area. An alternative is the Kutter fader of the company Stokyo Japan or the internal fader JDDX2RS-A by Jesse Dean Designs. These are also in high quantities in the use of various Portablists.

Since the stock platters are not necessarily designed for scratching, you should also order the stabilizer ring, which prevents the "wobbling". The installation is done in seconds.
You can also choose a SolidCutz or INFINITY Platter which are the more charming aluminium solution.

The mods mentioned are some among many. The best way to find what you're looking for and to find some inspiration is browsing through our selection.

What about the design?

There are selected skins and Faceplates in various colors and motifs to refresh your portable visually. Also stickers (Stickerbomb) are an option for the freestylers among you to adapt your device to your style.

The setup is ready, I need something to scratch!

We have a selection of 7" Scratch vinyl and timecode vinyl for you, which we will expand every week. Browse the section and find your favorite scratch sounds in various cool colors and styles from among others DJ Qbert of Thud Ruble, Ritchie Ruftone's practice yo! Cuts, DJ Shin by Turntable Troopers, Ugly Mac Beer by Beatsqueeze, Kodh, Skratcher and Cut & Paste Records.

Enough of the words, now enjoy shopping! 

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