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Life is better when you Scratch.

SC1000 Digital Scratch Instrument

Delivery Time: SOLD OUT - NEW BATCH -> MARCH 8th

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Quick Overview


Digital Scratch Instrument by Rasteri



The SC1000 is an open source scratch instrument provided by Rasteri. https://github.com/cran/raster

We've built a small number of devices that you can purchase here.
It is very important that you read the description carefully before making your purchase to understand exactly what you are buying here.
The InnoFader is not part of this offer, but necessary to use it.
Either you use one you have left or you buy a mini InnoFader Pro that Audioinnovate offers especially for the SC1000.
The mini InnoFader Pro is available for 60 USD right here:
InnoFader is offering a 20 USD discount for everybody that has ordered the SC1000. All you need is to leave the PortablismGear order number in the notes while ordering the fader.

The SC1000 comes in two parts. The bottom part contains all electronic components ready assembled. The upper lid is also fully assembled.
All you need to do before using it is to install the InnoFader by connecting the 4 wires that comes from the Innofader to the J1 connection on the SC1000 board. Either by soldering or by a cable that innofader will hopefully offer soon to install the fader solderless.

Then take the wire that comes from the bearing and connect it to the J4 pin that is closer to J1.
Close the lid and tighten it with the screw supplied.
Now start and enjoy scratching!

In case of errors, a simple restart by switching it off and on should fix it.

Since the SC1000 is an open source project and still in beta phase we would like to point out that we do not offer any warranty and sell it as a "Do it Yourself" kit. The function will be checked and guaranteed before shipping.
Please do not order this product if you do not agree with the above conditions.

Additional Information

EAN 0722208948419
Color Black
Material PCB
Delivery content 1 x SC1000 Digital Scratch Instrument withuot InnoFader
Delivery Time SOLD OUT - NEW BATCH -> MARCH 8th

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