JICO J44A 7 AURORA IMP NUDE cartridge with stylus

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Pickup system with stylus without headshell
Recommended application: Scratching and beat juggling
J44A 7 is a replica and similar to Shure M44-7
Aurora model is fluorescent
NUDE (polished 100% natural diamond)
Needle cut: Spherical
Replacement needles: N44-7 DJ IMP NUDE
Tip color: White
Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20,000Hz
Frequency response: 3.5~4.5g
Made in Japan

The JICO J44A 7 cartridge system with the N44-7 DJ IMPROVED stylus is perfect for scratching and beat juggling. It is mounted on the turntable directly on the bayonet lock of the tonearm. The Japanese-made N44-7 DJ IMPROVED NUDE stylus is crisp and clear in the higher frequencies. At the same time with strong bass, powerful and pronounced, it rounds off a lively, powerful and dynamic sound image. Not only the sound output and output power is very close to the SHURE M44 cartridge, but also the tracking ability of the J44 cartridge and tracking fidelity, which is characterized by high skip resistance and low record wear. JICO "NUDE" styli are made entirely of natural diamonds. "BONDED" stylus tips use diamonds that are attached to a base or shaft. In contrast to "bonded", JICO "NUDE" styli are made entirely of 100% natural diamonds. Thanks to the thinner stylus used, the stable "NUDE" styli plunge more easily into the groove of a record. The Aurora version is fluorescent and glows in the dark.

The J44 models of the JICO brand are a replacement for the iconic SHURE M44 cartridges.


Technical data:

Cartridge type: Moving Magnet (MM)

Spare needles: N44G AURORA IMP NUDE

Tip color: white

Output voltage (1kHz 5 cm/sec): 8mV

Recommended load: 47 kΩ

Support range: 3.5~4.5g

Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20,000Hz

Channel balance: 1.5 or less

Channel separation (typical at 1kHz): 20db

DC resistance: 800Ω

Conformity: L8.5 / V7.8

Needle carrier (cantilever): JICO type S

Needle ground joint: Spherical

Tip size: 0.7mm

Application: Scratching and beat juggling

Height: 35 mm

Weight: 16 g

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